Why Do Harley Riders Wear Full-face Helmets?

It makes perfect sense that if you just purchased a new Harley Davidson, you would be uncertain about which helmet to buy. As a result, the majority of Harley riders display a bandanna as a roadside helmet symbol. However, the majority of states have legislation requiring the use of helmets, therefore if the law is ambiguous, the rider prefers to wear a half helmet.

They wear open-face helmets with Harley, with the exception of when they mention things like DOT-certified helmets. If you ask me, I much prefer to ride my Harley while using a full-face helmet.

Why do Harley-Davidson riders wear full-face helmets, you might wonder. Nothing even comes close to comparing to my safety. My head, chin, and entire face are completely protected by a full-face helmet. When you are riding a Harley, this protective headwear will be your go-to.

Is It OK To Wear A Full Face Helmet On A Harley?

This is the spot to come if you own a Harley Davidson and are wondering which helmet will work for you. Wearing a full-face helmet while operating a Harley Davidson is perfectly acceptable. They will provide a level of safety that is unmatched by other helmets. However, the majority of Harley riders find it uncomfortable. They will not wear helmets; instead, they cover their heads with a bandana or scarf to block the wind. Almost all motorcyclists inquired as to why Harley riders don full-face helmets.

Most motorcyclists prefer not to wear a full-face helmet during the hot summer months, and they also tend to be in the back. These helmets are worn by 10–15% of cyclists. A few riders reject full-face helmets.

The number will be significantly lower if you look among them for Harley riders. But if you own a Harley Davidson, you’ll have the freedom to don any helmet. In times of heavy rain, early fall, and late spring, the majority of cyclists wear full-face helmets.

On other days, they opt for a partial shell, which is costly but also risky. Because they are both stylish and safe, full-face helmets are a favorite among vintage Harley riders.

What Kind of Helmets Do Harley Riders Wear?

There are many different types of helmets for Harley Davidson motorcycle riders, as you can see when you do some research on the helmet market. They can be divided into three groups. You may learn more about these helmets here:

Full-faced Helmet

You can be more protected by wearing a full-face helmet with a flip-up visor than by wearing any other type of helmet. It provides the best protection while riding around your neck and head, and a neck roll also makes you feel quite comfortable.

The safest option is a full-face impact-protecting helmet. A bike is used by a sports rider, who adopts a hunched riding stance. They should be prevented from lifting at high speeds by the helmet they wear.

For this reason, the rider prefers to don full-face helmets when riding a Harley-Davidson. You’ll find a ventilation system in a full-face helmet that works to assist sweat evaporate and lessen visor fogging. In hot conditions, a full-face helmet with ventilation might help you stay cool.

Open-faced Helmet

Because it can cover the top, back, and sides of the rider’s head, people also refer to it as a “3-quarter faced” helmet. The major problem with open-face helmets is that they show your face, which can be harmful if you find yourself in a sticky situation. The motorcyclists love these helmets because they can feel the airflow on their hair. However, they have a significant drawback that makes riding far less safe: they lack chin bars.

The open-face helmet is referred to as the full-face helmet by some riders. The openness, though, means that they won’t shield the riders from heavy snow or rain. To receive complete protection, you must purchase the visor.

Half Helmet

These helmets may cover the rider’s forehead and crown, providing just a limited level of protection. Parts of these helmets even have some concealing your ears and the back of your neck. Your face, however, will always be visible.

The ventilation will be adequate due to the openness, but it also indicates less safety than previous helmet designs. Half helmets with DOT approval can also provide safety. These helmets won’t have a visor or face shield, so riders will need to wear additional eye protection. When riding with only a partial helmet, you can wear riding goggles or glasses.

Modular Helmet

The only helmet that has the open appearance of an open-face helmet and is less narrow than a full-face helmet is this one. You will have a chin bar in this sort of helmet that you may flip up for better vision. You can enjoy the scenery along the side road by doing this.

If you want to get back to the city quickly, you can easily put the chin bar down and get on the freeway. The maximum level of protection is provided by these modular helmets, which also provide a greater view of the surrounding area.

Why Do Harley Riders Wear Full-Face Helmets?

Full-face helmets are typically worn by real Harley-Davidson riders, which is advantageous because these helmets are designed to protect you from accidents.

Maximum Safety

Motorcycle riders have less protection on the road than other drivers and passengers. As a result, in the event of an accident or disaster, wearing a full-face helmet can assist protect their lives.

The Harley Davidson bikers are shielded from head or chin injuries with a full-face helmet. Along with fatalities involving the eye, teeth, nose, or face, it can also lessen the frequency of brain trauma-related deaths.

Coverage area

Wearing a full-face helmet will shield your face and ears from debris, rain, and other irritants. The drawback is that in exchange for all these benefits, you must sacrifice your comfort. The ventilation system, since the full-face helmet is not open like other helmet options, is the main factor. On the other side, you’ll receive the highest level of safety, which is beneficial.

Chin Bar

The chin bar on full-face helmets is its finest feature. This is the most crucial safety element since it can shield your chin and jaw from harm in the event of an accident. 50% of impacts will happen to your chin in the middle of an accident. Another justification for Harley Davidson riders’ preference of full-face helmets is this

Bluetooth System

Full-face helmets have recently been developed with a few unique characteristics. You may find a built-in Bluetooth system, high-visibility patterns, and a visor in these helmets that you can easily adjust to the light conditions.

Convenience features

The new full-face helmets that are now on the market have a few new features. They have a built-in alarm system and will beep if they detect any alcohol or smoking. You will also receive additional features with all of these features, such as a breath deflector and a thermoelectric cooler.

Certified Helmet

If you desire the result, picking a licenced full-face helmet would be optimal. Even though many helmets on the market lack certification, you should inspect them before buying. You can certify your helmets using a variety of certifications. The standard for a helmet is classified by SNELL, DOT, ECE, SHARP, or FIM.

Boosting Confidence

Owning a Harley Davidson ensures that you maintain your self-assurance in public. You can increase your level of riding confidence by wearing a full-face helmet. You may enjoy your journey without worrying.

Full Face vs. Open Face Helmet

Which facial expression—full or open—will you pick for yourself? Here is a chart that details all the features of both full-face and open-face helmets for your convenience.

Which Kind Should You Use?

It all depends on whether you want an open-face or full-face helmet. You should pick a full-face helmet if your riding involves high speeds or other unsafe elements. The greatest helmet for you to wear when riding your Harley Davidson will be this one.

On the other hand, if increased comfort and airflow are more important to you than safety, you should choose an open-face helmet. You’ll be able to completely enjoy your journey if you wear an open-face helmet. In hot weather, it produces demand-driven airflow, which is beneficial.


The first thing you need to consider when riding a two-wheeler is safety. The comfort and other crucial factors you must take into account while riding follow next. When driving a long distance on your Harley Davidson, you might wonder, “Why do Harley riders wear full-face helmets? The safety concern is one that practically every Harley rider considers.

The best head protection is provided by this helmet, not just for Harley riders but for everyone else as well. The full-face helmet is stronger than the other helmet since it has a built-in chin bar. Having this small addition increases the safety of a full-face helmet.

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