What To Do With A Long Beard On A Motorcycle?

Long-bearded riders frequently experience difficulty while operating a motorcycle, especially in windy conditions. A light breeze might cause a lengthy beard to flap in your face if you have one. This will obstruct your eyesight and divert your attention, making riding risky and unpleasant. What to do with a long beard on a motorcycle is a common thought that comes to mind in these circumstances.

You may make your ride comfortable and trouble-free by using a few straightforward tactics. You can prevent your beard from fluttering during a trip, for instance, by cutting it or using bandanas, helmets, braids, paper cords, or rubber bands. Read the complete context to learn the specifics of these strategies.


  • A lengthy beard gives riders a harder, more appealing appearance, which increases their riding confidence.
  • A beard offers protection from windburn, sunburn, and other injuries aside from aesthetic benefits.
  • A mild breeze might cause a lengthy beard to flap in your face when you’re riding a motorcycle, which can be uncomfortable.
  • Helmets, bandanas, braids, paper cords, rubber bands, hair buckles, and beard masks can all be used to hold the beard in place.
  • In order to avoid breakage and damage, beards need to be routinely maintained. Excessive breaking will prevent your hair from developing and leaving you with an unkempt beard.
  • Use a beard brush and oil, keep your beard clean, eat a better diet, and trim your beard frequently to take care of it.

Why Do Bikers Have Beards?

When riding a motorcycle, a rider with a long beard appears more tough. A beard not only gives one the appearance of being tough; it also offers security. Beards provide effective defence against wind, chafing, and serious injury. Additionally, it shields you against stings from wasps and bees.

In some cases, especially when riding a motorcycle while using an open-faced helmet, a beard might act as a protection against windburn and sunburn. A neatly groomed beard will also enhance your sense of authority. It provides you a stylish, intimidating appearance that will help to increase your riding confidence.


What To Do With A Long Beard On A Motorcycle?

Long beards can flap in the wind and make it difficult for riders to control their motorcycles. The question of what to do with a long beard on a motorcycle often comes to mind in such circumstances. We have now spoken about various practical solutions to this issue.

Wear Correct Helmet

One of the essential pieces of headwear to wear while riding a motorcycle is a helmet. In the event that you have any unexpected incidents, it helps shield your head from suffering any harm. A good helmet not only shields your head but also keeps your beard from being buffeted by the wind.

Unfortunately, not every helmet will be the best choice for securing your beard while riding. You’ll need to put on a helmet made specifically to hold your beard in place. The finest motorcycle helmet for beards will prevent beards from flying up and down while you’re riding. For instance, the chin guard on a full-face helmet will conceal your beard.

Half-face helmets, however, lack a chin guard to conceal your beard. In that situation, you must bind your beard to the helmet using a scarf or bandana. In this way, you may safeguard not only your beard but also your neck and head, which is crucial when operating a motorcycle.

Use A Bandana To Secure Your Beard

Rectangular cloths called bandanas are frequently used to conceal the face. For both protective and ornamental reasons, this material is frequently knotted around the head or neck. In addition, you can use it to stop your beard from blowing while riding a motorcycle.

When properly wrapped over your face, a bandana’s form will assist hold and neatly cover your beard. To use a bandana properly, follow the instructions below;

  • First, equally distribute your bandana on a table or bed after fully unfolding it.
  • After that, fold the bandana diagonally from one corner to the other.
  • Wrap the bandana around your nose just below your eyes as it is now close to your face.
  • Make a double knot following the ends you are holding under your ears but on the back of your head.

Braid Beards

Another great method for maintaining your beard while riding a motorcycle is to make beads. You can beard your beard in a single or more ponytails, depending on the length of your beard. It will maintain your beard in place and give you a fashionable appearance. It is simple to braid as shown below:

  • First, wash and condition your beard before dividing the hair into three equal portions.
  • Next, pull it over the central portion while holding one end in either your left or right hand.
  • Pull the opposite and accessible component over the centre one after that.
  • Continue braiding in this manner to the bottom of the beard, and then fasten the braid with a rubber band or hair buckle.

Use Thin Paper Cord

It’s also a good idea to use thin paper strings to hold your beard in place. In order to use this technique, you simply tie your beard to a paper rope as shown in the instructions below:

  • Twist your beard a few times while holding it.
  • Utilizing the paper cord from the beard twist, tie a knot at the top.
  • Till the beard’s tip, continue wrapping the paper cord.
  • Finally, make a knot on the remaining beard hairs and trim the extra cord.

Use Rubber Bands And Hair Buckles

Rubber bands are a handy tool for firmly anchoring the beard. To keep the end of your beard in place, you can tie it off with a rubber band. Avoid pulling or stretching the rubber band too much when using this technique as it may snap. A hair buckle can also be used to keep the beard in place. It may be worse or better to utilise the buckle depending on the spring within. Therefore, you should assess the hair buckle’s capacity to determine whether it has a strong hold.

Cover Your Beard With Wrap Or Face Mask

Another simple method to stop your beard from flying when riding a motorcycle is to wrap it. You can get a variety of unusual beard covers that resemble face masks. Instead of covering your entire face, this mask helps to conceal just your beard. Beard covers contain two rubber bands to secure them around your ears like face masks do. You may effortlessly secure your beard with this mask to make your motorcycle trip more pleasant.

How To Take Care Of Long Beard?

A lengthy beard might be striking, but if it’s not taken care of, it can quickly start to look worse. So, to maintain your position, you’ll need to take good care of your beard. The following examples show some of the simplest ways to maintain a long beard.

Use A Beard Brush

Long beards are really attractive, but keeping one can be time-consuming. A beard brush can help you maintain your beard more quickly in that situation, which will keep it looking beautiful. To keep the beard manageable, silky, and shining, this brush is often created with soft bristles. All the grime and grease on your beard hair will be eliminated when you use a beard brush, encouraging healthy beard development.

Use Beard Oil

Another great approach to take care of your beard is with beard oil. Instead of making your beard tough, this oil keeps it silky and lustrous. Natural components including almond oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, castor oil, and essential oils are frequently used to make beard oil. As a result, they effectively prevent pore blockage and dandruff, both of which can result in an itchy beard.

Keep Beard Clean

The secret to taking care of your beard is to keep it clean and moisturised. Especially if they are lengthy, beards typically require extra care. You should wash your beard with your regular soap rather than using any harsh chemicals to clean it. To keep your beard soft, wipe the wet area with a dry towel afterward. Use beard oil as a moisturiser.

Trim Your Beard Regularly

You may need to trim your lengthy beard from time to time, especially if split ends start to show. You can trim your beard on your own or by a professional. Make sure you have the appropriate tools if you want to trim yourself. Additionally, while cutting your beard, be sure to trim your moustache, area surrounding your sideburns, under your chin, and neck.

Eat Healthier

Your dietary habits will directly affect the health of your beard. If you eat well, your beard will grow long and strong. On the other hand, eating junk food will negatively impact your beard. In order to receive all the nutrients you need to grow your beard quickly, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.


Long beards are acceptable since they give the rider a tough appearance. However, riding a motorcycle can cause the rider’s beard to flap on his or her face, which can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. If so, learning how to handle a long beard while riding a motorcycle will enable you to solve this issue. With the methods we’ve covered, you can manage your long beard while operating a motorcycle. By using these methods, you may prevent your beard from flying up against your face. This way, you may make your riding pleasant and improve the focus on your riding.

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