9 Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers [Reviews $ Buyers Guide]

A motorcycle helmet can save your life. Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers are among the most important pieces of safety equipment. A good helmet will stay firmly attached to your head during your ride and protect your head. In the event of an accident that causes head trauma, it increases your chances of survival. In this review, we will discuss the best motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers.

However, sometimes these helmets can be inconvenient for other motorists. For example, people who wear glasses may find it uncomfortable to wear these helmets. This is something that should be understood. Wearing two accessories that get in each other’s way is just plain annoying. The point I am trying to make is clear.

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers

The problem is easily solvable. Invest in the best motorcycle helmets for glasses wearers, and you are good to go. The solution is that simple. The only thing you have to worry about is finding the correct helmet that caters to the special needs of your eyes. In the next section, we will discuss helmets that are designed for motorcyclists with glass-laden heads.

Check them out and choose the one that suits your   requirements.

As selecting the Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers, especially one with a provision for glasses, is cumbersome and tricky, this review will try to pick the best from the many available. You can choose what’s best for you based on the types, design, and protection. Keep reading to find out what happens next.


1.HJC Solid Men’s CL-MAX 3 Modular Street Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers

HJC Solid Men’s CL-MAX 3 Modular Street Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet’s advanced polycarbonate composite shell construction is engineered to accommodate any rider who wants to put on his goggles. The hjc is full of innovation. With its sleek body and full-face construction, the HJC provides an extra layer of protection for drivers. Even with this full-face construction, riders can still wear their special glasses.

Helmet is lightweight and durable to the core, so it feels comfortable on the head. The chin strap makes it easy to fit the helmet onto your head. Generally, the helmet is sturdy, making it capable of handling several hits.

In terms of the interior of this helmet, it has padding that makes it comfortable and fits well, both for the head and the glasses. In the HJC helmet, the Advanced Channeling Ventilation System keeps your head cool while wearing it. Riders prefer the HJC over many helmets, and it’s no surprise that it is one of the most sold and Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers.


  • You can add your eyeglasses through the grooves.
  • Due to the polycarbonate composite shell construction, it is durable and sturdy enough to resist multiple hits.
  • ACS construction ensures proper ventilation on the head.
  • Good value for money.


  • When the chin bars are locked, the cheek pads may be too tight.

2. Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet

best motorcycle helmet for glasses

This is another affordable Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers, good helmet that you should consider if you wear glasses. Sega Helmets was established in 1994, and since then, it has been manufacturing quality helmets that cater to riders. You are likely to get a helmet that fits comfortably on your head since it comes in different sizes.

This helmet is unique because it’s a half helmet. Those who love to wear glasses will have no problem wearing this helmet. We know that half helmets are the most comfortable type of helmet for a glasses wearer. Its stylish design comes with a moisture-Dri liner that wicks away moisture and sweat from the head.

This will make your ride as comfortable as possible. Drop-down sun shield technology is another unique feature of this helmet. The feature protects your eyes from environmental factors such as rain, UV light, etc.

Vega helmets are DOT-certified for safety. A high-density EPS liner adds additional security and sturdiness. Even after an accident, riding with this helmet will keep you as safe as possible.


  • It’s DOT certified half helmet for additional safety.
  • It doesn’t interfere with glasses.
  • It’s a half helmet design.
  • Fits well and is comfortable.
  • The helmet comes with a dial that can be adjusted to fit any head size, no matter how big or small it is.
  • For a smoother ride, it wicks away moisture and heat.


  • The inner padding cannot be removed.

3. Shoei Excursion Neotec Modular Motorcycle Helmet

best motorcycle helmet for glasses

Shoei’s helmets continuously improve over time. Shoei’s excursion neotec helmet follows the same design principles. This helmet has exhaust and upper air vents to improve airflow. Whether you ride fast on a bumpy or dusty road, you will feel any sweat or moisture running down your face.

The aerodynamic design cancels out the effects of gusty winds. This helmet has a stunning design. It has a vortex generator built in to make the helmet sturdy and to manage airflow. The helmet has a provision for wearing eyeglasses, and it is a remarkable benefit.

Even if you decide not to wear glasses, the visor will not affect your line of vision. The interior is lined with high-density EPS to absorb impacts. In this way, you are protected to the fullest extent. This helmet is DOT-certified to meet safety standards. With this helmet, you don’t have to worry about your safety.


  • Has impressive shock-absorbing material for maximum safety.
  • There is a noise cancellation feature on the cheek pads that minimizes noise that may be caused by strong winds.
  • Its aerodynamic design also negates winds.
  • The visor does not impair vision.
  • Provides full-face protection and is comfortable.


  • The price is high, but it’s worth it.

4. ScorpionEXO-GT3000 Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers

best motorcycle helmet for glasses

ScorpionEXO is one of the few Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers that can be considered both innovative and flawless. Because it’s a full-face helmet, riders wouldn’t even think about getting this stylish helmet. Your vision is not impaired by the visors and even your eyeglasses.

Flipping the visor down will enhance your visibility at night. Its shell construction is what makes this helmet so awesome. A TCT-Ultra prepreg shell construction with a five-layer fabric technology is typically used. Fabrics are designed in such a way as to offer lightweight and aerodynamic capabilities.

When locking the Scorpion helmet, it provides a reliable seal. Therefore, your eyes are protected from the elements. Additionally, it has an ellip-tec base and ratchet system that makes changing the eyeshield quick and easy without the need for any additional tools. This helmet also features KwikWick technology.

This keeps your head cool in hot weather by wicking away sweat and moisture. If you have one allergy to the other, it has an anti-microbial liner that is hypoallergenic. It’s no wonder the Scorpion EXO helmet is so expensive!


  • The full-face construction does not affect eyeglasses.
  • Liner is removable and washable.
  • KwikWick technology keeps your head cool.
  • Designed to absorb impacts and increase safety.


  • It might not be suitable for all types of heads.
  • The features justify the price, but it’s too expensive.

5. Core Vintage Open Face Helmet

best motorcycle helmet for glasses

It is made of a durable thermoplastic alloy shell with a comfortable nylon liner. During riding it would be comfortable to wear and would not interfere in the slightest with one’s goggles. It’s time to order a bigger one. The tendency is to use the quite small.

Core Vintage will not slip off your head. It features a Double D-ring system for fastening under the chin that is sturdy and comfortable. Except for accessories, the helmet has three snaps for the visors and five snaps for the shield. Having quality automotive paint with solid color and matte black or leather finish is the core of Vintage.

Best Featres

  • Core Vintage open face helmets feature a lock similar to the one in Easy Rider, five snaps to attach a flat shield and three snap bubble visors.
  • Comfortable 2-tone brushed nylon interior
  •  Shell made from injection thermoplastic alloy
  • DOT FMSV218 standard exceeds and meets
  • Shipped in Frustration-Free Packaging
  • It is painted with premium automotive paint and clear coated to increase scratch resistance


  • Automotive paint as long as it has a clear coat finish
  • Retention method using double D-rings
  • The visor is attached to the clear protective sleeve; it adjusts well with the helmet


  • The chin strap is difficult to loosen, but it’s decent for money
  • Requires more effort to get off

6.LS2 Helmets Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

best motorcycle helmet for glasses

This is the updated version of the popular OF 569 helmet, which is made in sunscreen. The Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers on the market. You can lift the shield to get some air when it is hot outside. You can stop it after taking necessary air. When not in use, the face shield flips up and moves out of the way.

You can use Shift Tool-Less Quick Release for easy replacement. Peripheral vision is great, and you can see the outside world clearly. According to some reviews, this is like a great picture window. LS2’s Twin Shield System Drop Down Sun Shield retracts or engages easily and smoothly with a brand new slider mechanism.

With gloves on, you can easily operate it. The helmet has DOT approval and a quick release strap that makes it easy to put on and take off. You will find breathable fabric in the plush comfort liner. Fabrics are removable and washable. This helmet is great for touring, scootering, commuting, and, of course Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers . ECG and DOT standards are met.


  • The instruments can be adjusted completely by ventilation, enabling you to take control.
  • The helmet is DOT-approved for a secure fit that stays on your head.
  • Simple to control via the Twin Shield System Sun Shield, you can adjust the amount of light and air.
  • Open face three-four design shell provides protection and an increased field of visibility inhibits the feeling of claustrophobia
  • Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) shell meets ECE and DOT standards


  • Fits well, is comfortable, and relatively lightweight
  • There is plenty of room for sunglasses and glasses
  • The shield is easy to use, and it stays out of the way.


  • Vents on the front top do not allow more air in, maybe they should be larger
  • A sun shade inside the helmet makes it wider, but it is not necessary

7.Duke Helmets DK-120 Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers

best motorcycle helmet for glasses

The Duke dk-120 is the most famous helmet in the GDM family. Safety standard fmvss-218 for motorcycle helmets is met. The frame is made of lightweight composite poly-alloy. It features seven points of ventilation, cheek pads, a washable and removable liner, etc.

A UV-resistant clear and tinted visor is included with the DK 120. It looks cool. This is a very nice thing. Helmets of this quality are excellent. The measurement is very accurate for the size. There are removable inner padding and air circulation vents.

The free smoked shield is nice. Shields must be adjustable. Shields can be swapped quickly and easily. The product is wonderful, and the price is reasonable and Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers.


  • Check pads and liners are made of nylon or hypoallergenic materials
  • The aerodynamic shell is made from a lightweight composite polymer alloy
  • Ventilation points at the rear, chin, and forehead.
  • A side-coverless, flush-fitting, compound-curved, optically correct, scratch-resistant face shield
  • Meet the standard of dot fmvss 218 motorcycle helmet safety features


  • It seems amazing
  • Worthy
  • Sizing is accurate.
  • An extra visor is included
  • Air circulation vents work well, and the inner padding can be easily removed
  • It seems amazing


  • The size is a little off
  • This isn’t good for cooler weather

8. Bell Qualifier Unisex Full Face Helmet

best motorcycle helmet for glasses

With the highest speed, the helmet is very light, fits well, and is not buffeted. I can’t express well that my bikes have straight pipes and are exceptionally loud. You can keep a speaker inside the helmet, and there is a lot of space. There is not much sound deadening.

Whether it is positive or negative is up to you. For me, it is a bit quieter because I use a loud bike.

My only complaint is that the shell seems to be a bit large, though it is not comically large. The gap between my chin and the vent is wide, and there is a lot of air flow on my face. For hotter months, this system is excellent. Early in the spring, it feels a bit cool.

For the qualifier, Bell released some types of clip-ons on the bottom of the box. On cool days, you will need to wear a balaclava or some other wind protection. which makes it Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers.


  • Wind Collars reduce wind and road noise
  • Lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell
  • Shield replacement is easy and tool-free with Release Shield
  • It is anti-scratch, anti-fog, and UV safe
  • Padded chin strap with D-ring closure. The cheek pads are contoured.


  • A wonderful fit.Not painful around the neck and not tight around the checks.
  • According to the Bell size chart, the helmet will fit the wearer
  • The easiest visor to clean and remove
  • It’s super cool. The overall shape and matte black make this helmet look much more attractive than other expensive helmets on the market for the same price.


  • Inhalation guard not present
  • There is no chin drape

9.1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Full Face Helmet

best motorcycle helmet for glasses

1Storm modular Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers are the kind you want to buy if you’d like a helmet that’s between an open-face and a full-face helmet. The face shield is also protected by a UV protective coating on the thermoplastic alloy shell and removable padding. The visor, sunscreen, and opening front do the job well.

The sunscreen has a locking lever that can be used while wearing gloves to actuate it. It has a quick release lever to replace or remove the windscreen, similar to expensive brands.


  • DOT approved size is L (59-60 CM, 23.2/23.6 Inch).
  • Padding that is washable and removable
  • A beautiful glossy UV protective finish
  • Lightweight, aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell.


  • Lenses on the sun flip normally in and out
  • It has a modular construction for which you can flip up the entire front
  • The sun visor lever is located where the Bluetooth headset would normally be located.


  • The jawline is extremely high
  • There is no way to block airflow coming from the near chin area

Is there a helmet that is suitable for glasses wearers?

If you wear glasses, you have to choose a headgear with enough space for your glasses. While riding, the helmet should fit snugly enough that it won’t fly out of your head. The majority of people would choose full-face helmets. Some people would prefer a half-helmet or a clear one.

It doesn’t really matter what type of helmet you wear most of the time. This helmet must have all the necessary features to fit you and your glasses. A helmet of this type should also have an interior lining for extra padding and safety, as well as enough room for your spectacles.

When choosing a full-face helmet, make sure the visor is far away from your face if you will be wearing your glasses. This design of helmet allows your glasses to rest comfortably on your eyes without interfering with the visor.

A Buyer’s Guide to Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers today come in several different types, each providing a different level of protection. Helmets that cover all of a user’s head (and sometimes parts of their neck) are known as full face helmets. They provide the most protection, but they are often not compatible with glasses.

In the meantime, open-face and half-shell helmets usually offer adequate top and back head protection while still being glass-compatible.

Weight & Size of Helmet

If you ride for an extended period of time, you’re sure to notice the additional weight of a motorcycle helmet. It is therefore worth your time to compare prospective models’ weights and choose the option that feels light on your head. You should also choose a model that is sized for your head, even if it is a bit heavier.


Helmets are divided into two types, namely, half-faced helmets and full-faced helmets. Half helmets only cover the top of the head, whereas full-face helmets have a visor that covers a large part of the face.

Helmets with open faces go well with glasses, but are not completely protective against injuries and hits. The full face mask is crowned the winner here.

The type of helmet to buy may be determined by the design of the glasses. You can wear a lot of eyeglasses with open or half helmets. The full-face helmet, however, won’t look good with most glasses due to the visor. The glasses you wear need to be slimmer and not bulky enough.

Fit & Comfort

A comfortable fit is key to enjoying your Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers, even if you have to wear it for a long time. A biking helmet can provide plenty of comfort, including internal ventilation to prevent sweat buildup.

In addition, cheek and chin strap padding are used to prevent discomfort while wearing a motorcycle helmet. Some models even come with internal padding designed to fit a pair of eyeglasses comfortably.

Rating of road safety

In order to ensure that Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers meet specific crash performance standards, they must be adequately tested before they are marketed. It will have stickers on its exterior that indicate each certification body’s approval if the helmet has passed these tests.

You’re most likely to encounter approvals from DOT (the US Department of Transportation), SNELL (the Snell Memorial Foundation), and ECE (the Economic Commission for Europe).


You’ll want excellent visibility through your chosen motorcycle helmet. It usually comes in the form of your helmet’s visor, which may be locked in place or adjustable.

Even with glasses on, your helmet’s clear visor should be easy to see through. The Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers also come with other visors that provide sun protection or prevent fogging in adverse weather conditions.

Warranty & Price

Compare prices between Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers before settling on one. There may be a model that seems like a great deal but turns out to be cheaply made and uncomfortable. After all, a good price does not necessarily mean a good product.

A listed warranty can enhance a helmet’s overall quality, especially if you have to pay a little extra for it. It may save you a lot of money in the future if you have such a warranty.

A Guide to Wearing Glasses While Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet

Wearing glasses will improve your vision, especially if you have poor eyesight. Contact lenses are preferred by some people, while traditional glasses are preferred by others. Wearing contacts won’t solve the problem of protecting your eyes from wind, dirt, or the sun. If you decide to wear glasses, you should know the type you need.

The best glasses are those with straight and thin arms. If you see one with foam gaskets, they are an added feature as they keep out the wind. It’s better to buy an open face mask so that you can put your glasses on easier. Once it is in the right position, slide the glasses across the visor and close them.

It means they are tight if they pinch your nose. When they slide down your nose often, it means they are loose. Readjust your visor until everything is in place.

What is the best type of Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers?

Only the head is covered by half or open-face helmets. Considering what we know, this type of protective gear is the most suitable for wearing a glass, thus the best option. In contrast to the open face mask, the full face mask protects a significant portion of the face. Finding the right type of glasses can be tricky.

Since the visor covers a larger part of the face where the eyeglasses should be worn, the visor covers a better part of the face. If you want to wear glasses with a full-face helmet, you should find a helmet whose visors are a little away from your face. It will then accommodate the type of glasses you want to wear.

What if the glass inside the helmet breaks?

Glasses can break only if the shape and size of the glasses are not fitted properly on your head. Therefore, you must buy the best helmet for your glasses. Consider the pressure points on the helmet as well as the possibility of bending your glasses if you apply the wrong pressure. Two of the most important factors when choosing Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers are the shape and pressure points.

Why It is Important to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers for You?

There are so many benefits to choosing the right helmet. The correct helmet will ensure that the helmet does not slip off the head. It provides additional protection for your head and provides space for your glasses.

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers (FAQs)

  1. Do helmets with different shapes and pressure points affect my vision?

Helmets are designed to fit well and feel comfortable on the head. You would have a better vision depending on how accurate the helmet is on your head. By placing the helmet correctly, you’ll have more opportunities to see your surroundings.

  1. Are sunglasses compatible with full-face helmets?

Sunglasses can be worn under a full-face helmet. Despite its complexity, you can get decent results from it.

  1. What is the durability of motorcycle helmets?

Your helmet’s durability depends on how well you take care of it. When properly maintained, motorcycle helmets can last for a very long time. If you often use them, however, it’s not necessary to use it that long. Replacing your helmet according to use is a good idea.

  1. Is it advisable to buy a used helmet?

Secondhand protective gear is generally not advisable, according to most manufacturers. It is impossible to know what a helmet has been through before it reaches you. Hence, buying a second-hand helmet is not a good idea.

  1. Do all motorcycle helmets have the same size?

It depends on the manufacturer of the protective gear. Helmets usually have adjustable chin straps so they can fit any size head. Other manufacturers make different sizes of the same helmet to fit different head shapes.

Conclusions and Recommendations

It’s not easy to find the Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers, since there are several types on the market. However, I’m sure you have learned a lot about motorcycle helmets and have made your decision about Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers after reading this best motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers review.

According to the reviews here, the HJC Solid Men’s CL-MAX 3 Modular Street Motorcycle Helmet is quite impressive and Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers for riders.

It has basic head protection features and is affordable. This one is ideal if you are on a tight budget. ScorpionEXO-GT3000 Full Face Modular Helmet, on the other hand, is a stylish, flashy Best Motorcycle Helmet For Glasses Wearers with innovative features.

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